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Why Manarat?

In this first blog from Manarat Consulting, I want to answer the question asked by our non-Arabic speaking clients, “What does Manarat mean?” The short answer is lighthouse. (To be pedantic, it is the plural but I preferred the sound of ‘Manarat’ to ‘Manara’, which is the singular.)

OK, why ‘lighthouse’? To answer that, I have to turn to the purpose of the business. Put simply, Manarat Consulting’s role is to represent UK businesses in the UAE. The core purpose is to sell products and services. But to succeed in such a different market from the UK, involves ensuring not only that the products and services are tailored to the local market but also that the way they are marketed and sold, the supporting business processes and the behaviours of those representing them are all in tune with the local culture.

In other words, there are plenty of rocks on which a sale could be wrecked. Those new to the country, need their way illuminated. They need direction through new ways of doing business. And they need a warning before they get into trouble.

After more than seven years in Abu Dhabi, I am in a position to provide at least some illumination. The aim of this blog will be to provide some insights into the current business environment, to tell stories about doing business in the UAE and to give some guidance to those new to the country or the Region.
If you would like to suggest a topic for a future blog or discuss our services, contact me at: or on Twitter: @manaratconsult