About Us

About us

We provide sales representation and business development consultancy services for UK businesses wanting to establish themselves and to grow their business in the UAE.

We can support you at each stage of the process from the initial desire to export, through achieving sales in the UAE, to establishing your own presence in the country, if that is right for you.

Our advice and consultancy prepares you for the market – from product positioning to business behaviours.

We actively represent clients in the UAE, using our network and knowledge of how business gets done to generate sales.

About Our CEO



Joe Booth is CEO and principal consultant of Manarat Consulting. With eight years’ experience of living and working in the UAE, Joe set up Manarat Consulting after developing business and generating sales of complex technology with the UAE joint venture of Ultra Electronics. With little prior knowledge of Ultra’s market sectors and technology, he rapidly developed the expertise to translate the customers’ requirements to Ultra’s engineers and Ultra’s product capabilities to the customers which enabled him to generate a sales pipeline in excess of $15m. In this role, he sold a wide range of products including: cyber security for industrial control systems in the oil & gas and utilities sectors, airport systems, anti-submarine warfare and traction power for metros. His previous experience as a change management consultant (with Ernst & Young and as a freelance) provided him with the skills necessary to succeed in sales:

  • fully understanding the client’s requirements
  • working out what’s in it for each individual in the sales process
  • creating an outcome which benefits all parties
  • valuing objections and finding imaginative ways to overcome them
  • translating between the buyers and sellers to ensure that they understand each other

Earlier experiences in HR (in ICI) honed his people and organisational skills – vital for success in business development in different cultures and with different types of products and services. He has a degree in Classics and Philosophy from Oxford University and a Masters in Organisational Behaviour from London University.