icon-1 Business Development

For businesses wanting to break into the UAE market, we offer rapid support. We can represent you on the ground in the UAE, utilising our years of regional business experience, extensive network and deep cultural understanding. You have low start-up overheads and negligible commitments.

We build relationships on your behalf with UAE customers, building up your business through our expertise and experience.

You can use our services for a short burst to support getting the most out of a Trade Show or Mission or we can work together over a longer period to build your brand awareness and sales.

icon-3 Market Strategy

We bring our knowledge of the country and its culture together with your intimate understanding of your products and services to address the key marketing issues – principally, how to configure the product/service to be attractive in this market and how to promote it effectively while remaining culturally sensitive.

icon-4 Business Culture

For those new to the Region, the culture can seem mystifying.  Through workshops or consultancy, we can introduce you to the business culture, showing you how to do business in the UAE, setting it into the broader context, ensuring that you are able to operate effectively as soon as you are in the country.

UK-based staff who do not travel to the Region can also benefit from an understanding of how to interact effectively.  Whether senior management who are accountable for the success of their investment or back office staff handling day to day relationships, their understanding of the culture and effective handling of interactions is essential to business success.

icon-2 Consultancy

To export successfully requires the overcoming of many different challenges. We can provide advice along the way, either directly or by introducing you to trusted partners within our network both in the UK and the UAE. Marketing, financing, resourcing and, ultimately, establishing your business in the UAE – if that’s the right way to go – are all problems that can be managed with the right experience and the right support.